How to return Xrumer costs within 2 days

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We will talk about mass-PM mode in XRumer. And mostly not about how to use it, but how to monetize!

In original state mass-PM mode in Xrumer is almost useless, it always have some troubles with TOP forums. So we will use it i smart way.

And the second problem users dont like spam at all. Most of them visit your link because they are excited,  look at your website for a couple of seconds close it and never return. Users have seen a lot of spam like: «The cheap  Viagra is here» or «Free movie downlod» and dont believe it any more! So our main goal to force them to believe us? But how can we do this?


Indeed we cannot force people to belive us, but they already believe to the forum as they are part of it! Lets use it.

First of all we must find good active forums, it have to be done manually. Just open you base of forums for XRumer check links one by one. Or search in google. Last topics at major categories must have replys at most 1 week old. And look the topics itselfs, they must be real, no spam topics. And number of topics must be relevant to the number of users. 1000 real users cant generate 2000000 posts noway.

Register at such forums and look what you need to do, to be able to send PMs. Often you need to wait 3-5 days before you can send first PM. So register at 10-20 good forums, and lets start the next part.

You need to get account here. We will use content lockers to make people believe that they are still on the same forum. Here is how its look like



You must design locker so it must look like forum you are sending PMs. And put forum itself in iframe behind. Url address also must look similar so make subdomain «» at your domain.

And put such html code in it




document.write (‘<iframe frameborder=»0″ scrolling=»no» width=»100%» height=»100%» src=»»>’);




Thats all for that part.


Prepare Xrumer

As I said Xrumer cant send PMs at TOP forums with original massPM mode. So I will use modification that was described in the article from previous article contest.  Original article

But we will use it with some tricks. In any forum most users are inactive and they will never return to that forum and wont see your PM. Go to members section at the forum, sort theme by number of posts an scrape profile urls with any parser software.


Delete all moderators and admins from the list, delete constant part of the links, you must get only the list of profile numbers (or nicks insome cases) and the rest part is the same as in the article above


In Xrumer project write something like that



It can be anything you want «We a deleting inactive accounts», «Prove you are not a spammer»,"get GTA5 for free from our forum" etc.

After that just start sending PMs with XRumer and get results

And some stats from that method.



This method is much more effecthiv, than sending tons of PM to 100000 inactive forums.


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