How to start earning 500$ per month with Adcombo

Male enhancement products from Adcombo +Facebook+smarty manual work = Easy 500$ per month

Firstly we need to choose proper affiliate offer. What word “proper” means for male enhancement products and traffic from Facebook?

That means NO CREDIT CARD NEEDEED. Why? Because people afraid of being scammed!

So  “Cash on delivery” type of offers  are the only offers for us! We can find such offers in ADCOMBO affiliate network.  For approve you will need to provide stats from any other network.

Also we will need Facebook accounts. You can buy them at

Domain and hosting. Don’t use .xyz domains facebook will ban them almost immediately!  And try to usesome trustful hosting like Bluehost

Some photos of pretty girls. Just google them

And software for automation (optional), but firstly you need to work manually

Now login to you adcombo affiliate account and get you aff link for Titan Gel, It will look like that

Titan Gel

Make at least 10 sub domains of you main domain and put frame code on each one:


<frameset rows="*">

  <frame frameborder=0 src="http://your_aff_link" name="titan_gel" scrolling="auto" noresize>


My favorite country for monetization is Spain. It converts the best for me. By the way I don’t know Spanish at all)) Almost everyone in Spain can speak English.

Setup you Facebook accounts: add pics, and post something Like than “I am in Spain for holiday, and I want to try sex with local man”

Now start adding friends from the country you choose.

You will get tons of messages from them))

Ask from them about their dick size…. And what ever they answer – say “So small? I hope not everyone in Spain has so small dick. You should really use titan Gel. You can buy it at

That’s all) You can use any other country. Or other offers in that vertical


Or if you want to earn even more and faster — just buy traffic from Plugrush 

Lucky Adcombo registration link


And Payment proof from Adcombopayments_from_adcombo


Don`t waste your time just start taking action!

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